MOdel-based DEsign & Verification for Safety-Critical Embedded Systems

Quality Assessment

We have developed quality criterion to understand the important outcomes of selected researches. The developed criterion also defines the credibility of each selected research and its decisive findings: -

1. The data appraisal of the research is based on the concrete facts and theoretical perceptive without any vague statements.

2. The validation of research has been performed through proper validation methods e.g. case study etc

3. The research provides information about the tools used in it to perform MBSE activities.

4. As we intend to investigate latest MBSE tools and trends, the objective is to include most recent researches as much as possible. Therefore, we try to include most recent researches as 69 % researches are from 2012 to 2014 and overall 87% researches are included from 2010 to 2014 as shown in Figure

Research Overview

5. The journal publications provide more research details as compared to conference publications. Therefore, we try to include journal publications as much as possible to attain good quality of our SLR. We identified 61 researches and 43% of those are journal publications as shown in Figure

Research Overview

6. Originality of the research is another important factor. Therefore, we only include researches those are published in at least one of the four renowned and globally accepted scientific databases i.e. IEEE, SPRINGER, ELSEVIER and ACM.


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